Chris, Founder

The "Visionary" of all things igaming.  Chris has always had a niche for going after the industries big picture. His early days of being an influential poker player and one of first affiliates in the igmaing space make his start up mentality perfect for the next big move and a great visionary of where the industry is headed years to come

Tori, President

Tori is the best in the industry.  Her dedication to her affiliates and operators makes her one of a kind.  There is never a time, where she cannot solve concerns or provide valuable industry knowledge.  If you do not know her, you are missing a great an opportunity to connect with one of the industries best people.  

Ashley, Accountant

The igaming accounting and affiliate payment practices differ than most business models.  We wouldn't want anyone else ensuring that affiliates are always paid correctly and in a timely manner.  Ashley has adapted her accounting experience and brought new accounting practices into the industry that were much needed

Stefan, Account Manager

From being a semi pro poker player, to managing staking groups and schools. Stefan has the inside knowledge when working day to day with affiliates, players and operators. Stefan is one of the best when looking at ways to optimize affiliate's day to day tasks

Melisa, Account Manager

With an accounting background, Melisa is a "gem" we are all looking for! Her analytical insights help affiliates recognize great opportunities and growth potential in areas of igaming we may otherwise not see. She brings a vast knowledge of best practices to the industry

NYC Skyline BW



If there is one team you can count on, it is PAS. Always going above and beyond everyday!


The team at PAS never ceases to amaze us with their level of dedication to our entire industry!


Best Affiliate Manager 2019

First class service and support. No one can top Tori and her team on being the best of the best. One of a kind!


Top 5 Best Affiliate Program 2018

Programs like PAS and  and team they have are hard to come buy in one package, they have it all!

Best Affiliate Program 2020

Best Affiliate Program 2019

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